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Le'Vay Nite

has a B.A. in Film Media Arts which he acquired from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. While attending their program he interned at HBO in NYC where he connected with many producers. Upon graduating, he reached back out to those connections and immediately began working on the set of various productions. These include projects produced by New Line Cinema, Bona Fide Productions, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, the CW and HBO.

     In his last year at Temple University, Nite received the Kodak Film Award for one of the best films made in their senior project course. Since then, he has written, produced, directed, shot and edited various forms of media. His background includes music videos, narrative films, commercials, promotional videos, talk shows, musical performances, fashion shows and more. This work has been showcased by various festivals, events and online venues.

      Currently, Nite is collaborating with independent producers at a public access channel in Philadelphia. Together, they create diverse content for the community with programs focusing on topics such as dance, cooking, religion, advice columns, and showcasing talent. His primary roles for them are that of a director and freelance video editor.

      In an effort to restore his passion for story telling, Nite plans to release his first televised series in 2023. His first novel is also in the works! So please stay tuned!