~ Apostle Angela Cuie and Deacon Ron Cuie ~

Shamele 2_edited.jpg
Shane 2_edited.jpg

"I have the best production crew. They are so supportive, patient, faithful and serve my show in the spirit of excellence."


Pastor Harris

"When [we]  met ... , instantly I knew that I wanted [Nite] to direct
my show. I’m grateful that he accepted ... 
Thanks for helping to achieve a huge dream."


Shamele Jordon

"...[Nite] would be coming on board as director and co-writer...and I'm excited to work with [him again]!"


Shane Mehigan

"They are awesome and I am so grateful to work with such awesome and talented people."


Zarinah Lomax


Thanks for all your hard work... I relied on your foresights
and abilities to follow through, throughout the production.

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Gherald 1_edited.jpg

"...while filming his projects [Nite] worked with me step by step, and manages that very well, 'creativity On The Go', is what I describe him."

"It was nice to see your film and my actors on the big screen. I appreciate you and our collaborations. Got a lot of great feedback"

Talent Scout

Gherald Alaman

"...the mind behind the scenes. Writer, director, producer...he does great work. Check him out and he'll take your project to [the] next level."


A. B. Bracewell M.S.


I am very proud of you. I have watched you grow to where you are now and steadily increasing in this venue, keep up the very good work! It is a pleasure having you on my set!